Taipei, TaiwanJuly 1st, 2019 VaxCore Inc., a global industrial computer products solutions provider, today announced two ARM-based RISC single board platform, a ST Cortex-A7 ST1295 CPU with DDR3 1GB and 8GB eMMC Flash, a NXP i.MX8M CPU with 2GB DDR4 memory and 8GB eMMC storage on board, both are supporting -40°C to +85°C environment, all industrial-grade components. Also, they support easy access web configuration for making a convenient installation without concerning high professional staffs.

Introducing the whole industrial boards which is designed to improve the expansion ability and reliability, it features low power consumption, high reliability and long product life. VaxCore industrial board can be applied to a broad range of fields for all embedded systems, box PC, panel PC and HMI. As the result, it can be used in most of industrial applications, guaranteeing high reliability in the areas of factory automation, infotainment, vehicle, warehouse and storage, hazardous locations, farmland, transportation, etc.

About VaxCore Inc.

In electronic engineering for more than 10 years on RISC ARM-based market, VaxCore has spread its savoir-faire throughout worldwide with its embedded systems. Designed to make IoT solution today and industrial system are hailed for being setup-friendly and intelligently responsible. The company’s simple-to-use products combine affordability, reliability, and performance to enable the most high AI and IoT services. VaxCore’s innovative products have been driven by unique technological developments in the Internet of Things and Embedded Industry market. We have an R&D team who strive to continually improve our systems and innovate new hardware and software solutions. Apart from design and manufacturing, VaxCore seeks to offer its partners cutting-edge solutions and outstanding customer service that exceed  expectations.

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