You are currently viewing Vaxcxore Inc. launches LoRa temperature and humidity real-time monitoring solution for cold chain instantaneous monitoring

Vaxcxore Inc. launches LoRa temperature and humidity real-time monitoring solution for cold chain instantaneous monitoring

With the big trend of the Internet of Things (IoT), every industry likes manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, food retail, medical, etc. began to use the IoT equipment for environmental monitoring in response to management needs. In recent years, due to the improvement of food safety awareness, people have gradually increased the importance of food safety. A reliable cold chain solution and service can help distributors improve the food safety for customers and avoid the impact of goodwill. To make consumers buy conveniently and comfortably.

Vaxcore Inc. has also adapted to the trend of the IoTs, to provide temperature and humidity real-time monitoring equipment for cold chain application, and launched a cost effective and high performance temperature and humidity sensing products – RS10 LoRa temperature and humidity sensor (Sensor), and RG10 LoRa gateway terminal (Gateway). In terms of the traditional sensors using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for communication, the major issue is the high power consumption, users must often charge or replace the battery, it’s not convenient for real application. Even new Bluetooth technology rolling-out today, it is susceptible by external radio interference and not suitable for application in cold chain food safety monitoring. RS10 and RG10 use wireless LoRa technology, our development team optimizes transmission sequence and performance, and design proprietary LoRa communication to avoid data collision for large number sensors deployment at one time. This implementation easily achieve one LoRa gateway to many sensors requirement. The wireless LoRa technology not only easy to penetrate the refrigerator containers and trucks, but also reach a transmission distance more than one kilometer in the open space. Moreover, the installation process does not require digging and routing on metal cabinet, to reduce the construction cost and any unexcepted issue.

The RS10 sensor device has a built-in battery box, which uses two standard AA batteries for long-term power supply. If the consideration is given to low-temperature operating environments, customers can also purchase standard off-the-shelf low temperature operation batteries without worrying about using any special batteries because of being difficult to get. RS10 LoRa sensor is IP65 rating design. The temperature and humidity detection probe integrates a highly efficient sensing IC and specific mechanical that can resist moisture condensation to ensure the accuracy of temperature and humidity detection.Upon Vaxcore’s LoRa T&H sensor RS10 and gateway RG10, these devices can be quickly implemented in frozen storage warehouse, cold chain logistics vehicles, and stores; and all of the data can be collected and uploaded to back-end central point whatever local server or cloud, which allow for real-time monitoring and alerts and notices to be issued whenever abnormal conditions are detected.

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