By Internet of Things (IoT) essential

Vaxcore Inc. was established to capitalize on the emerging trend of intelligent service management transform how organizations connecting to sense, monitor, control and make decisions by Internet of Things (IoT) essential. It was based on an environmental observation that something fundamental was changing with the way thought about efficiency, quality, and agility of AI and production. According our products are cost-effective and additionally our services are on-demand available and CAPEX-free, you can decide what you monitor, and what you to, upon your exact need.

Our solution

We set out to enable sensor-driven decisions and to focus on big challenges. Our solution automates monitoring for field condition, system connnection safety and compliance, and monitors critical equipment for operation quality and preventative maintenance.


Our mission

We expand the global IoT and automation industry applications by providing the best wireless technology and providing the best integration capabilities according to customer inquiry.