Compliance and Efficiency

Increase food/Healthcare/Medical safety visibility and reduce risk with real-time monitoring, A complete system for Safety, Compliance and Efficiency.

Improve Safety

Ensure HACCP compliance with continuous temperature/ humidity monitoring and proactive excursion detection.

Intelligent Operations

Streamline costly, error-prone, and labor-intensive operational checks and reporting to reduce safety risk.

Reduce Loss

Detections walk in refrigeration and other freezers 24/7, receive instant alerts for environmental monitor excursions.

Without proper handling foods and life-science products are always susceptible to waste. The best to way to solve this concern in your supply chain is with temperature and humidity indicators, recorders, and monitors. For manufacturers of temperature-sensitive food products, healthcare and biologics, prescription pharmaceuticals, clinical materials, and other life science products, product journey, integrity, and safety are absolutely essential to preserving their value and consumer appeal. That requires a crucial and end-to-end approach for cold chain management

Vaxcore’s turnkey package with real-time monitoring and alarming is perfect if you need to know as soon as a shipment’s temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions are unacceptable and could cause it to spoil. Significantly cold chain visibility, the trips history along with relevant information is visualized on the cloud which we can integrate and support.

Product Portfolio


Wireless gateway for data receiving and aggregating to monitor cold-chain shipment.

Sensor Hub

Data transmitter with sensor integration or module option for any sensor connection, sending logged information via wireless technology.

BT Standalone Sensor

Monitor your cold-chain shipment for unacceptable conditions with cost effective recorder. Integration by Bluetooth technology for wireless communication.

Industrial Box PC

Comprehensive and powerful computing system to offer the significant management on data collections from various wireless connections, moreover, an edge computing ability.

Our solution

We set out to enable sensor-driven decisions and to focus on big challenges. Our solution automates monitoring for food and medication safety and compliance, and monitors critical equipment and processing line for product quality and preventative maintenance.

Monitoring Software