Cold Chain

Food, drinks and dairy products must be stored and transported in each phase at specific temperatures and humidity, to ensure quality safety. From processing over warehousing and transportation to another sub-warehouse, hypermarket, retail store the cold chain is critical at every station in the cycle. The advent of the Internet of Things for cold chain management has given rise to an important consideration for operators that are developing their application services, that is, to select right technologies from among the available technical standard and specifications the operators can accelerate the applications.

A process for periodic shipment conformance measurement and reporting should be established after appropriate qualification of temperature-controlled shipping systems and implementation of post-qualification temperature monitoring. In order to maintain product quality, safety and efficacy during distribution, distribution specify that temperature-sensitive products are to be distributed (stored, handled and transported) throughout the distribution network (manufacturer, service providers and customers) as per specified temperature conditions. Consequently, the initial focus of cold chain management should be on the development and implementation of the cold chain shipment conformance cold chain management process and the quality system.