About VaxCore Inc.

VaxCore Inc. has been devoted to design and develop high-quality and cutting-edge products with innovating technology since it was founded. Our compact embedded solutions are based on ARM RISC architecture, and offer a variety of platforms including Industrial IoT Devices, SBC (Single Board Computer), and Box PC. The application fields of Machine Vision and Imaging, Intelligent Industrial Automation, Tool Vehicle/Car, IoT System, intelligent logistic are credited to VaxCore’s high-efficient design service.

We offer a one-stop-shop for developers, integrators, and OEMs, providing a complete service from hardware customization to software support, and even product branding and enclosure design. Moreover, we devote ourselves to the development of related application field, with well-equipped knowhow and ability to stay in line with the market trend.

VaxCore’s persistence in excellence doesn’t stop on provision of reliable products. Our R&D and sales teams bring customer’s demands into realization and render value-adding services to increase solutions, shorten development cycle and cost effective stuffs for our business partners and customers.

Leading RISC Technology

VaxCore has been working with RISC technology over 10 years, we design products from many RISC Platforms, from Cortex-A7 to iMX8 and others. We maintain a leading role in the ARM market and we promise to continuously provide quality and performance industrial grade computing solution To RISC platform customers. VaxCore’s RISC product will bring ubiquitous, cost effective, and power saving solutions that improve intelligent application living in new century.

We have comprehensive products for various target markets and applications now and future, including industrial control, embedded computers, signage, and IoT applications. We have computer-on-module solutions for developers of customized carrier boards for niche markets; along with an increasing number Of single board computers designed for veritical markets and low-power gateways for IoT applications. We not only research and develop various new products every years, but we also manufacture easy-to-use products for customers.


The pervasive computation is embodied in devices everywhere, anytime. To realize the smart devices are ubiquitously in almost any type of object imaginable intelligent system via interconnected networks. We envision a future in which computation and Internet of Things become part of environment – VaxCore enables intelligent service.


VaxCore’s mission is to empower device manufactures and system integrators to realize pervasive computing by providing quality products and OEM/ODM service to help our customers to incorporate IoT connecting, machine automatic, and embedded computing into their products and solutions.

Our Global Service & Support